Casey Caputo

Casey Caputo

Graphic Designer

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A versatile graphic designer with 6+ years experience in the creation, organization and development of a wide range of projects including, but not limited to print design, front end web design, brand identities, photo editing, and many other creative projects that fall in-between.
An effective communicator and listener able to stay on task to meet production deadlines. Proven aptitude for quick creative thinking, professionalism, attention to detail and quality design.

I have a practiced talent for listening to a client, I enjoy creating logos and identities for various entities because it tests my abilities of representing my customers. My passions lie within an active lifestyle balanced with variety, and get a kick out of photo manipulations where viewers cannot tell what is real, or imposed.

I enjoy creative collaboration with like-minded individuals, and although not everyone on this planet will always see eye-to-eye on things, I generally have the ability to get along with most people.