Jason Whittington


As a Marketing Campaign Manager at Dell, it is my responsibility to create, coordinate and execute strategic marketing campaigns for North America. I am able to do this with the budget allotted to my team and the revenue goals we need to meet. An example of this is when I partnered with Microsoft to introduce a new feature of a product. We were given a spending budget of $10,000 by Microsoft to generate quality leads and through a well-executed campaign around a webcast we generated over $1 million in revenue. This success has led to more campaigns partnered with Microsoft. Working at Dell has also enhanced my communication and team building skills. I manage the multiple marketing channels and work with the respective team members to ensure we have a full campaign utilizing social media, nurturing, third party media, SEO and email. In order to keep the team in sync I run weekly stand up meetings with my team to go over goals and benchmarks. I also meet one on one with team members to discuss projects, concerns or any areas where I can help them perform better on a day to day basis. I am also in charge of managing the marketing and sales relationship to ensure cooperation and that leads are being processed correctly.