Ashlesha Kelkar


* E-learning Design Management for Audio-Visual media (2D/3D Graphics) & content. * Posses experience in Corporate e-learning, Vocational e-learning, Pre-Primary/Primary/Secondary/Higher Secondary, K-12, K-5 as well as Management Educational E-learning designing. * Vendor management & production delivery - audio visual media. * Working on various prototypes, UI designs, Creating Design Specification Documents, User Interface Guide, Brand Specification Guidelines. * Experience in all kinds of E-learning Courses for I-pad, Tablet, Mobile applications, Whiteboard & various current technologies in flow. * Project Management activities including Define Project Scope, Planning, Risk Management, finalisation of functional Graphic specifications & quality management of the graphic application. * In depth knowledge & understanding of business process analysis & technology expertise in strong Graphic skills with flexible and detail oriented attitude. * Managing Graphic, Cross functional team, Define graphic processes/guidelines for the project production. * Identification training needs & mentoring team member for project specific training, skilled based training, guidance for higher productivity & overall graphic production performance for creativity & quality. * Reviews, analysis & feedback to improve productivity & Final release of product, * Implementing W3C standards (accessibility & localisation) in browsers/cross platform deployment of sites (XHTML/CSS/HTML5). * Experience in coordinating between overseas clients & offshore development. * Looking into corporate medias & marketing collateral for organisation as a brand. Worked with renowned clients like: * Microsoft * Pearson (eLearning projects) * NetG * Lexicom Learning * JBL (Johnson & Bartlett) * Cambridge University * ICFAU * HP (Hewlett-Packard) * Skillsoft * Compass Learning * Etihaad Airways * ICICI * V2-Learn * ISA Learn * Anna University * Banque Du Liban * Aspire * MacGraw Hill * Digischool * TATA Classedge