Judith Cebreros


Working in the customer service and sales industry for the past ten years has not only allowed me to become knowledgeable and understanding to clients’ needs, it has also taught me to be patient, think on my toes and come up with solutions that benefit both the customer and the company. This included building relationships and trust with customers, which in turn resulted in customer loyalty and increased sales. In a fast paced environment where everything is needed yesterday, I learned to stay ahead of the game and have answers for my customers before they even pick up the phone to ask me. Great teamwork is always a precedent for success in any company. Having previously worked with a team of five sales reps, we were able to work closely and brainstorm procedures on how to increase sales, simplify processes for our production team and assist our customer service team with incoming orders. Whether it was something as small as entering orders ourselves, to restructuring the whole production process, it was our goal of succeeding as a team and as a company that motivated us to work that much harder. The knowledge that I gained and the experiences I encountered with my team are invaluable assets that I would like to bring to the table.