Amaury Perez

Amaury Perez

Olympic-Lifting Brand Raconteur in Designer Boots

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Born and tanned in Orange County, untanned and ripened in San Francisco. Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design and Merchandising, I grew up viewing fashion as a catalyst for change. I could be whomever I wanted and my humble beginnings see to it daily that I never forget the luxuries I have been provided and worked diligently for. Beyond being a style chameleon, my studies in fashion lead me to pursue a means for change in the world. I am fascinated by the power that lies in marketing and sharing a message. I am a proponent of social justice and long-term I want to be the representation for underrepresented youth that I was not able to find.

So if you are looking for someone:
*brave and eager to take on ever-changing tasks
*who’s drive and work-ethic runs as deep as his squat
*independent and free-thinking, yet thriving in team dynamics
*restore your team’s honor for best dancing and singing at a company party
-then look no further!