Leslie Juvin-Acker


An executive career and life coach for more than 14 years. Publisher of career development, performance psychology and emotional intelligence instructional materials.

Presently consulting businesses with my partner, Franck Juvin-Acker, on marketing, experiential branding, consumer psychology, revenue expansion.

Clients also fly me all over the world to help them, their families, and businesses clear mental, spiritual, and emotional blocks.

I'm the person that you call when you have tried everything and still need help.

In 3L of law school. Interested in Corporate Governance, Employer Branding opportunities. Contract, Consultancy basis.

Equestrian, hand raise cockatiels, high tech aquarium enthusiast, organic garden hobbyist, Mama, active in my Seventh Day Adventist community, and love giving back to my community, always looking to bring the best out of everything.

Professional Archetype: Wise Fool