Daniel Chargualaf


As Stan Lee says, "Greetings True Believers!"

My name is Daniel Chargualaf. I was born and raised in Orange County, California. I developed my craft while attending Fountain Valley High School. I took numerous design courses to gain more knowledge and skills to further my education. During my Junior year I decided to apply and was later accepted to The Art Institute of California, Orange County. I graduated a couple years later and work my way up the job ladder. With each job I learned more than the school could teach me, and perfected my skills. My goal in life is to be a creative director, to see my vision of a brand go from a little thumb nail, to a kick ass piece that the whole world can see. You can probably tell I live and breathe design. There is something about the process that is amazing, and with my can-do attitude there is nothing stopping me from doing great things.