Hailey Toohey


I believe that success in graphic design hinges on one’s ability to evaluate, at every moment in time, the cohesion between brand vision and design execution. From trend awareness & project strategy, to creative design & inspiration – I enjoy and excel at wearing the many hats of a graphic designer, and would greatly appreciate your consideration for the available position at your company.

As the founder of an online design studio, I created and implemented my artistic vision and translated it into business success for boutique design houses, national luxury fashion brands, surfwear start-ups, retail manufacturers, and corporate businesses alike. My positive and enthusiastic personality allows for proactive communication and collaboration amongst peers, clients, and strangers alike ensuring efficiency and action when discussing the creative vision of the project at hand.

Please review my resume for further information on my qualifications and my website, www.ohsoluckystudios.com, to view a sampling of my work. Should you like to schedule a personal interview, I can be reached by email at [email protected], or by phone at 949-610-3775. Thank you for your consideration!