Francesca  Nicolas

Francesca Nicolas

Assistant Marketing Manger

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My name is Francesca Nicolas. I have over 8 years of experience in Management and sales for various industries, ranging from Retail, Fashion Design, Production Assistant, to Manger involvement. I came across your job posting on indeed, and was immediately drawn and interested in the position. I believe that I could provide a valuable service for your company, and that my abilities would suit the role you need filled perfectly.
I believe fashion designers should have the vision of helping those without the vision. As I begun my career as a fashion designer I grew to not alone love the industry, but the people I help feel amazing and beautiful along the way. Over the course of my career, I have proven myself to be a dependable source of income for the companies I have worked for. I have a natural ability to convey trustworthiness, and also possess strong persuasive abilities.
As a result, I am consistently surpassing project as well as company goals. This has been true across a range of different companies, in different markets, with different customer bases. My skill base and industry knowledge makes me a particularly strong candidate for this job role.
I would love to have the opportunity to interview with your company, and explain my capabilities in more detail. I am certain that you are very busy, and would happily interview at your convenience. I can be reached at 305-343-2611 any time of normal working day, including weekends. Thank you for taking the time to review my resume. I look forward to talking with you.