Greg Howe



I am a designer, who grew up just outside of Boston, MA. From an early age it was clear that I had a strong work ethic and a detail oriented eye. At the age of 10 my neighbors hired me to landscape their property, after they had noticed the amount of time and meticulous detail I put into maintaining my parents property. One year later at age 11 I had taken over the majority of the business in the neighborhood, previously done by professional landscapers. I took the money from this business to invest in tools for my company, allowing me to design and build my own landscaping equipment to make my job easier and more efficient.

I took this mindset and mentality with me to Wentworth Institute of Technology where I earned my Bachelors in Science in Industrial Design. This attitude allowed me to excel at Wentworth and gave me the opportunity to work with and learn from many great people and companies such as Swarovski, RueLaLa, Custom USB, Plano Molding, Wildgame Innovations and Barnett Crossbows.

I’ve had the chance to live and work as a designer in Boston, Mass, Berlin, Germany and Dallas, Texas. Working in these locations has given me insight on what different cultures value in a product, allowing me to apply my design skillset to create products with a meaningful user experience.

I’m currently working for Plano Synergy designing hunting, fishing and outdoors sporting equipment. If I’m not designing, you’ll find me adventuring around a new city or exploring the woods on my mountain bike trying to find the next best trail. I am always open to freelance opportunities so feel free to contact me!