Jared Meyer

Jared Meyer


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Hello! I am a professional photographer based in Southern California. I am an expert in capturing snowboarding, mountain bike, skateboarding, and lifestyle images.

In the winter of 2011 I received a camera as a gift. By that time I had been a snowboard instructor for 5 years, so naturally, the first place I took it was to the slopes to photograph my pals. I was instantly hooked, and have never put the camera down since. Photography for me is an endless exploration, continuously learning and evolving.

Currently, I photograph for Bear Mountain, and Snow Summit ski resorts. During winter, I am responsible for completing photo assignments for use on blog, social media outlets, and ad campaigns. During summer I photograph the Summit Bike Park, where I capture images of the public on any given feature. These editorial style images are made available to purchase through the mountain.

My proficiencies include: Lightroom, color correcting, retouching, creative lighting techniques , high volume post processing.

I am available for travel, and although my passion is for action sports photography, I would be happy to take on other work if the job interests me. Feel free to contact me any time!