Robert Ashmore


I have been working in the outdoor sports industry for extreme athletes for the last seven years. My interest in this business has grown from a personal passion into a career. I have expanded my love of this industry based off of collection of personal experiences with surfing, skimboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding and skateboarding.

My flexible and positive outlook on life allows me to be successful in the workforce. I have an unmatchable work ethic and enjoy facing new challenges and creating new ways of overcoming them. I have had the pleasure of designing multiple store layouts to include service shop equipment, merchandising for clothing, snowboards, skis, and all other functional materials as well as maintaining the warehouse for overstocked merchandise.

Within the last year, I have connected with representatives for snowboards, skis, skimboards, and have given my clients a better understanding of products and technology involved in creating the final product. My understanding of products has grown as well as my love of outdoors sports. I enjoy sharing this passion with others and teaching others in the process.

I find it easy to adapt to change in environment, coworkers, and to a growing population of clientele. Due to these strengths, I am an asset to any team I join and will help create an even more effective work place.