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michael ballard


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I am a passionate advocate and evangelist of design who artfully balances needs of consumers, concerns of the industry, desires of a brands’ creators, and influence of the culture. And I have learned to ask the right questions, challenge convention, and not to take things too serious.

As a diverse Art + Creative Director, Photographer, and Founder, I am best known for my eclectic design career, infectious passion, prolific photography and obsessively-driven visual story telling - harnessed within luxury, lifestyle, and specialty automotive brand/products executions. With over two decades in marketing/PR, advertising, photography, graphic design, automotive aftermarket product design, and race program management, I have exceptional creative, design and communication expertise.

But I truly believe that my success comes from the fact that I am an intuitive professional with a global market perspective adept at thriving in intense and creative environments. And because I believe that “passion dictates the way you see things, it’s not work if it’s all you live for”.

My expertise includes:

? Visual Communication: Design & Creative Direction, Aesthetic Mastery, 2D &3D, Digital, Computer Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD, cam, spreadsheets); Photographer (25+ years): booking shoots, managing set personal, asset delivery and budget management.

? Art of Influence: Global Consumer & Cultural Awareness, Product Promotion, Event Planning, Community Engagement, Public Relations, SEO optimization, Go To Market, Advertising Strategy, Digital SEO, Consumer Insight.

? Logistics: Credibility & Rapport Building, Product Collaborations, Resource Allocation, Strategic Development, Cost Containment, Conflict Resolution, Adaptability.