DROPLET designs, manufactures and sells innovative, modern, easy to tow, high-tech teardrop trailers and camping gear.

Design and build the best camping gear for free spirited people, be mindful of our environment, be open to others, use our company to inspire people to connect and explore.

Our Reason for Being
We believe our roots and energy are in nature. We want to help you feel free and experience this amazing feeling that is waking up in the middle of nature.
Inspired by Patagonia, we don't want to do business at any cost. Our products are designed to minimize waste, use renewable materials and preserve production environment. We also want our customers to not require to drive an over-sized vehicle just for the purpose of going camping.

How many of us own a piece of equipment that is only used 2 or 3 times a year? We are creating a community so owners can share their DROPLET, making an extra income and limiting the impact of our manufacturing.

?We want to make camping accessible and more affordable. Following the footsteps of some land owners in New Zealand, we are committed to dedicating 10% of our benefits to buying land in Canada and USA. These properties will be transformed into free campgrounds for self contained campers.