Carlene N. Welsh

Carlene N. Welsh

Buyer I Global Project Management I Sales Expert

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Global Merchant accountable for financial wins leading corporate, non profit plus startup global brand strategies. Recognized as a stellar leader with language and talent to nurture partnerships, growth, team leadership and emotional intelligence, enhance strategic counsel, transfer knowledge to executives along with peers while living audaciously. Categories include consumer products, beauty, apparel, accessories and 3rd party products.

- Global Merchandising, Buying, Product Line Development, Sales Forecasting, Purchasing, Inventory Planning and Production
- Brand Integration Development
- Omni Channel Story Telling and Marketing
- Retail and/or Wholesale Cost Analysis and Pricing
- Global Consumer Research plus Market Profile Creation
- Visual Merchandising
- Store Operations, Customer Service, Process Creation, Hiring and Training Expertise
- Trade Show and Event Planning
- Domestic and international travel with focus on Asia, Latin America, Western Europe markets