Kyle Norheim


I am the visual conduit between brand and consumer.

I help clients tell their stories in a way that best fits their unique identity, and then I produce high-quality visual content that meets their objectives.

My background as a freelance designer has allowed me to work in multiple different facets of design. From beauty products to advertising a new housing development project, freelance has allowed me to tackle a variety of different business challenges.

My passion for design has led me to work on a variety of different projects. Overall here are some of my strengths and things I love to work on:

Building Brand Identity: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Photographic Styles, Graphic Styles, and Typography

Marketing and Advertising: Campaign Building, Outdoor Boards, OLM, Social ads, and Advertorial Content

Print Design: Packaging, Booklets, Banners, Sales Collateral and pretty much anything tangible

Animation: 2d Animations, Motion Graphics, Art Cards, Social Animations

Web Design: UX UI