David Rogers

David Rogers


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While attending Utah Valley University, I studied Art and Visual Communication. My college experiences have taught me to be responsible with my time and how to best communicate with colleagues. It has also taught me to value my education and to look forward to experiences that will help expand my understanding of the professional workforce. I believe that dedication to any profession will reap great rewards for both the employer and employee.

From 2004-2006, I volunteered as a Service Missionary. During this time, I learned to serve others and to work hard towards a goal. I volunteered at Habitat for Humanity, among many other charities, and I gained more task oriented and interpersonal skills. I became fluent in Spanish during this time and have been bilingual ever since. I find it very important to be able to communicate with those around me.

Prior work experiences have taught me how to most effectively work with others and manage time while unsupervised. When working as a Product Photographer for Empire Case, I dealt with a high volume of photographs and editing and was expected to complete my tasks with a timely manner. While working as a Property Manager, I learned to be productive with my time, since I was required to work on my own with no daily dictation. While working for Wells Fargo Bank, I learned how to be positive and responsible for the finances of customers and how to keep clients content. As a photographer, I manage my time wisely when setting appointments and following through by always arriving early. I have a firm belief in hard work, progression, and creative exploration. I am confident that I would excel in this position. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two sons, often times hiking, camping, skateboarding, and playing at the beach.