Morgan Chavarria

Morgan Chavarria

Graphic Designer

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A graduate from California State Polytechnic University Pomona, Morgan is an enthusiastic graphic designer equipped with a wide skill set. Since graduating, Morgan has worked as the in-house graphic designer for an apparel trim and printing company. In this role, she has gained considerable knowledge regarding the production process for many industries. Morgan has also refined her ability to handle projects from multiple sources, finishing them in a timely fashion while ensuring a high quality finished product. In this position, Morgan has also gained valuable experience interacting with clientele in order to identify their design and production needs.

Morgan has started her own paper product company specializing in creating witty and pop culture themed items such as postcards, stickers, and drink tags. The products are sold nationally on an online shop and locally at fairs and events.

In her experience doing freelance graphic design for small businesses, Morgan has developed the ability to work efficiently and in many different disciplines, including: web design, packaging, and branding. Morgan understands the importance of two-way communication with both clients and coworkers and its role in successful business practices.

In conjunction with her work in graphic design, Morgan excelled in the retail industry and worked her way up to multiple managerial positions, supervising large teams, which all required strong leadership and delegation ability.