Itasha Phelps


Currently I work as an Associate Technical Designer at Lee Jeans and I have been a proud VF employee for about 2 years now. A little bit about my career self, I graduated from the Art Institute of Indianapolis in 2012 acquiring my Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design. Soon after graduation I started working as a Technical Designer for a company called Impact Racing, located in Indianapolis, where I developed custom made patterns for Indycar and Nascar Driver’s. While in that role I helped with everything from tech design, production management, scheduling, product development, quality control, to even helping to sew garments when needed. After almost four years with Impact I decided to start my own Technical Design company. I quickly obtained clients who needed production and pattern making assistance, and I spent most of my time traveling to manufacturing facilities to provide my services. At the end of 2016 I decided to take a job offer with Lee Jeans and I made the move to Kansas City to work on the Technical Design team.