Bill Swan


Business professional excited to bring talented people and well run operations together to optimize company revenue and income performance while staying true to the ethos of the brand.

Specialties: Talent Acquisition, Business Strategy, Human Resources, Operations Management, Organizational Development, Project Management, Construction Management, Intellectual Property, Acquisition Transition Management, Executive Presentations, Company Communications

Have had the pleasure of being a part of the ExOfficio brand from near its inception to the present; from a privately held wholesaler through its expansion into company owned brick-and-mortar, consumer catalogs and Ecommerce, through two Acquisitions and three Mergers, two HQ relocations, three ERP transitions and several top-level executive leadership changes.

In my spare time I like to run (5k's through marathons), hike, fly fish, road trip, sketch and journal. I love most all sports, especially close competitive matches - the closer to a tie, extra innings, or needing to go into Over Time, the better.