glen sese


Tackling problems with creativity and zeal has always been a thrill for me. During my early years, I had always found a way to infuse everyday life with art, which eventually evolved into design. In the course of my 8+ years of designing professionally, I was fortunate enough to constantly challenge myself by being involved in a myriad of diverse industries ranging from the music industry, to extreme sports, and fashion, to name a few. Through these experiences, I learned that regardless the industry, my mission remained the same. And that mission is to creatively express the soul of the brand.

I live for creativity. And the beautiful thing about creativity is the fact that it is infinite. Everyday I find new ways to improve and inspire my skillset wether it is through design, illustration, page layout, typography, photography, marketing strategy, creative writing, or collaborative brainstorming. All these facets of creativity ignites my mind with limitless possibilities. I often find myself thinking of solutions and designs well past my working hours. I have a driven mindset and a passionate heart when it comes to finding visual solutions that best suits the brand.

Also, I've been told I am a very nice person =)