Jay Ell Alexander

Jay Ell Alexander

Public Relations and Marketing Strategist

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Are you looking for a dynamic marketing, communications and public relations strategist focused in development with great charisma, work ethic and drive? Your search ends here.

As you will see, I come to you with a background that you will find unique and distinctive among other typical applicants. Over the last five years, I have established myself as a highly motivated individual interested in advertising, public relations, journalism and digital communications.

I am interested in a position that would allow me to combine my interests, professional and academic experience, and creative talents in a strategic digital communications role, which will be fun and challenging at the same time. Employing my knowledge, talents, and aspirations, I am confident that I will make a profound impression and contribution to the team and organization. I have a passion for fitness and outdoors and believe my passion paired with the professional experience is a dynamic duo deserving of this opportunity.

Through professional experiences, I have had the opportunity to engage with customers (external and internal), media and consumers on many levels through planning large and small scale events, press conferences, public relations, media relations, digital marketing and advertising, community and corporate newsletters and press releases, social media platforms, strategic campaigns, events planning and management, and extensive researching, public speaking, reporting, and writing. My high levels of concentration, organizational skills, and interpersonal communication have helped me to achieve a high academic record and professional performance, which in turn reflects my diligence and commitment to success. Through challenging leadership positions, I have developed a strong sense of responsibility, working under deadlines, the ability to multi-task like a machine, strong writing and editing skills, a keen eye for detail, and the understanding of how to be a valuable member of a team.

I am enthusiastic about this opportunity and I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you in advance for your consideration and kind attention to my resume.