Jordan H. Johnson

Jordan H. Johnson

Graphic Designer

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I'm a Graphic Designer with a few years experience, a Bachelors degree studying graphic design, and an extraordinary desire to learn. I would describe myself as being extremely hard working, and extremely laid back. I thrive on working with other creative people and love tackling tasks solo. Contradictions aside, I always put forth my best effort and love when I'm able to contribute in any way possible.

While I consider myself a native of Utah and have lived here with my wife for the past 8 years, I'm looking to branch out to wherever an awesome opportunity awaits. I'm looking for a new adventure.

My passions, apart from design, include sports (playing and watching) and almost all forms of entertainment. Whether it's yelling at the TV watching the NBA playoffs, catching up on the newest season of (insert trendy show here) or reading a good book, I love seeing creativity in different ways from different places and drawing inspiration from a variety of mediums.

I'm open to any and all new opportunities and meeting new people that I can help, or that may be able to help me. Contact me with any questions or inquiries you may have. Thanks for looking!