Ronald Edward Whistler


The first item I need to let you know is I Love Design! I love everything about it, from concepting to press checks, and everything in between. I love the camaraderie between creative people and the products that come from a good team. I’ve been in this career for 17 years now and am continually learning new things. I don’t think I would keep designing if I didn’t feel like an eternal student. For this, I would love to join your team as Designer to come play and make some beautiful things.

The last thing I need to let you know is that I can come in working. I am ready to sit down on my first day and start designing. There will be a learning curve on items like servers and such, but you can feel confident that I am ready to start projects right away. On that note, I would love to come in for a portfolio review. I appreciate you taking the time to review my info and look forward to speaking with you soon.