Kayla Swanberg


I was born and raised in Southern California and love being near the beach and soaking up the sunshine. I graduated from Vanguard University with a degree in Communication Cinema Arts with an emphasis in Screenwriting. While doing my studies I became interested in the creative and esthetic elements of film, anything from Production Design, Costuming and Set Decoration. Many of the projects I've worked on in the past gave me experience in those fields as well as Script Supervision. I love being a part of the collaboration to bring a film to life. I am also a music buff and am always looking for new songs or artists to listen to.
As well as my love for film, I also share an equal love for craft beer and the brewery industry and have a Cicerone Beer Serving Certification. I am fascinated in the process of making beer all the way to enjoying the finished product. I am very new to this particular industry but my willingness to learn and passion for beer shows through and amplifies my strengths as a team player and hard worker.