Marycruz Herrera

Marycruz Herrera

Graphic Designer

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I am Marycruz Herrera. A spunky, humorous and detail oriented designer.

I am currently the only designer in North America (US and Canada) at Ottobock Healthcare and I create marketing collateral to assist over 100 sales reps while also working on corporate material.
I am able to take an idea or creative brief and design it into a campaign. Some of the campaigns I have worked on print campaigns – brochures, catalogs, sell sheets, flyers and ads, while others include Facebook ads, landing pages, email campaigns and photo/video shooting and editing.

While at Ottobock, I’ve also had the pleasure to work with our Global design team, who are based our of Germany, on various photo/video shoots. I assisted in the logistics such as location scouting and prop purchasing as well as collaborating with the Global Creative Services Manager to show what can be used in the North American market. I have also directed product photo shoots for our market and worked with the photographer to maintain consistency within each product and did photo manipulations. You might even see me on our Instagram page as a model ;)

I work with vendors for our print production and am involved in the process from quotes, press-checks and distribution. I find the best possible solution for every project and stay within budget.

I encourage collaboration, creativity and team work because that’s when the best designs become better! I love to learn from others and I know I will never stop learning.