Alex Colvin


Hi, My name is Alex Colvin and I'm a Chapman University graduate class of 2014. I have recently left my job working in the restaurant world in an attempt to begin a career with a company in the action sports industry, it has been the community I have been a part of my entire life and I feel that it is where I belong. I have grown up in Newport Beach, pretty much living with sand in my hair throughout child, and surfing every opportunity I got. I have been involved in the surf world my entire life through competing as a junior, charity/volunteer work, as well as passing the stoke on by teaching. Throughout my diverse work experiences I have acquired the skills needed to work in many different environments along with different individuals. I have a great work ethic, always get along well with others, and keep my head up through tough situations. I am an adaptable person and always up for new experiences, and I cannot wait to get a career started in the industry that I hold so dearly. I hope that my value as a person and employee can be seen through my life and work experiences. I am reliable and ready to take on whatever is thrown at me.