Zachariah Sabo


I'm an honest and humble artist, through and through. I look for any opportunity to find happiness and laughter. I only have one hand, so I have adapted to this world better then most, and to most I go by NUBBS. I grew up racing motocross in SoCal while wrenching at a local motorcycle race shop. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, and started my education in the Fine Arts in high school through college. I'm infatuated with the tattoo culture and would love to dive into that industry, however, my passion for art is easily balanced with my love for two wheels. My home away from home is, and always will be, the Happiest Place on Earth; Disneyland. Walt Disney was an amazing innovator and curator of happy things, and it is rare these days to find someone with so much heart. I can't get enough of the history and nostalgia of the Disneyland Park, and how much it meant to society when it was built.