Laura Callahan


I see that I got your attention so you already know that I can successfully create interest, peek curiosity and open the door to possibilities, (so important for a sales team to do every day, by the way . . .) but what is it that you don’t want to miss, right? Well, now that you’re here, take a few moments to learn what you will miss by not getting to know me as a very innovative and successful Director of Sales and Marketing that will be refreshingly different from other candidates.

See, Step 1 and 2 of the sales process is complete if you have made it this far in my cover letter. Now, let’s get to the good stuff and close the deal.

Marketing and Sales Directors like me are a rare breed combining creativity, a ton of optimism, a love of analytics and numbers, and the desire to make people do things like buy, read, learn, search, post, discuss, attend, watch, educate which ultimately leads to new business development, growth, branding and success in the market. With so many sales, marketing and business development tools nowadays that allow us to instantly touch the market, both digitally and traditionally, those successful possibilities are endless.

As a goal-driven, revenue-generating Director of Marketing and Sales with over 20 years of industry experience, I am known and relied upon to create high impact, innovative, “out of the box”, effective digital, traditional and strategic sales, marketing, advertising and business development initiatives, programs, strategies and campaigns. While being a strong team player with excellent motivational skills, I build and sustain forward growth momentum while coaching, managing and motivating local, regional and national marketing and sales teams.

I intuitively create profitable actions to drive sales, attract and maintain customers, and build solid relationships. In fact, one of the marketing programs I imagined and brought to fruition was so successful, it was awarded a city-wide, year-long Proclamation by St. Louis Mayor, Francis Slay and former St. Louis County Executive, Charlie Dooley.

I appreciate your time in reviewing my resume for consideration and if nothing more, I hope that by reviewing my resume you have found your candidate search a bit more refreshing.