Elliott Crowe


I have a marketing mindset with an entrepreneurial spirit. From managing my own swimwear company to consulting at memBrain, I have a passion for creative customer/client-centric problem solving. Working in media, entertainment, real estate, consumer goods and apparel, I have a wide breadth of experiences that have allowed me to understand the mind of the consumer in many different contexts.

At the end of 2018 I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue an MBA at the University of Queensland in Australia. Not only would I be faced with ambiguity and uncertainty, but also need to establish a new network of both friends and business acquaintances. The goal of my MBA journey is to not only learn from a top Australian institution, but also grow as a person. At the halfway point, I am happy to say the program has been incredibly rewarding as I step into leadership opportunities such as mentoring in the Global Virtual Internship Program and Co-Founding the UQ MBA Entrepreneurship Club, and take every opportunity to learn through industry engagement with an Internship and an MBA special project that will take me to Singapore.

I am enjoying the present but also looking forward to what the future holds. I would love to connect and grow my network as I will be entering the job market at the end of this year. Please add me and reach out!

Areas of Expertise:
Brand Strategy and Development
New Product Introduction
Internal/External Stakeholder Management
Brand Management / Licensing