J Garrett Collinson


Dear Reader,
I truely have a passion for designing sustainable systems that help make peoples lives easier and more purpousful. Working as a data analyst I'll have that thought in mind when creating reports that inform and accuratly describe the reality of our efforts together. In web development I'll strive to design well documented, tested, and purposebuilt code as if I were designing for the louvre.

I am a dedicated, flexible Data Analyst and Full Stack Web Developer with a founder’s mindset and a passion for high performance. I am very agile with my project and work styles, and I need minimal resources to perform at my highest potential. I am used to non-normal hours and will take every opportunity to excel at my job.

I have continued my pursuit of personal growth by continuing my education. I spend much of my time learning new and useful skills that specifically relate to the automation of data analytics and reporting. I graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a degree in Business Analytics and after that from The Georgia Institute Of Technology (Georgia-Tech) with a certification in Full Stack Web Development. I consider this an extension in my Data Analytics education in that Web Development is the presentation, manipulation, and acquisition of data and Business Analytics is the analysis and action on conclusions made from assumptions based on data through statistics and data science.

I love working with marketing data simply because there is so much of it.

“The larger the sample size, the more reliable are your averages.
The n’s justify the means.”


In this case Google and Adobe Analytics allow us to perform large n (robust) statistical analytics that drive ROI and prove out the beauty of long term strategic thinking and data driven decision making. Efficiency and high performance systems are exciting to me. Our KPIs will be dollars-and-cents-driven with a healthy perspective on total impact to the organization. Almost everyone inside a business can benefit from having the right information at the right time and that requires a strong understanding of the people and the goals of the business.