Lui de la Parra

Lui de la Parra

Lead Creative

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A versatile and hardworking individual with over ten years of educational, professional, and software development experience possessing strong, innovative, and wide ranging skills. I enjoy establishing a highly productive, dynamic, and efficient work environment that creates an enriching community and outstanding products. I believe analytical creativity and organizational adaptability augment success.

As a software developer and IT consultant I have developed a multitude of websites and database driven applications for
various clients. I am currently utilizing a MEAN software stack consisting of MongoDB, Express.js, and Angular 2 on top
of Node.js. I am also well versed in PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3, D3.js, Filemaker Pro, and SQL and NoSQL based database
design and implementation. I utilize Sass and Jade to template my client side projects. I developed and maintain a hybrid
Apache / Nginx server.