Burke White

Burke White

Product Developer / Brand Manager / Marketing Director / Public Relations

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Nothing makes me happier than exposing people to a worthy experience, brand and product through compelling positioning and messaging. Then, by adding just the right amount of knowledge and information, confidence is born. With this new-found confidence and a focused service/product solution, consumers can confidently participate and begin to discover valuable, worthwhile experiences.

My intimate "concept to launch" experience allows me to generate sales through inspiring (digital and physical) story telling. With an intimate understanding of brand vision, product focus and core customer needs, my end result is profitable sales conversion. Everyone wants to lead a more interesting, compelling life. With a correctly-crafted, experiential message and the right amount of responsible education, people will participate...and participation creates sales!

It's all about connecting the dots between brand vision, worthy product/service solutions and core consumer needs. I see the big picture and have experience connecting all the dots.