Roxy Morataya

Roxy Morataya

Graphic Designer and Illustrator for Hire

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I'm Roxy. I'm an Avid doodler inspired by cartoons, manga, zines, textiles, fat positivity, sex positivity, being Salvadoran-Mexican American and an ally for ALL ethnic and gender representation in art.

My work is an array of watercolor paintings, pencil, or ink drawings to logo, flyer and book designs. The human form is my favorite drawing subject, whenever I have time to sketch, I usually start out with either a hand or an outline for a face. I was inspired to start drawing around 8 years old when I literally spent my any of my free time watching cartoons and imagining myself in the shoes of all my favorite characters. When I started my collage education, I discovered another form of art; typography. I fell in love with how much an overall design's look and feel could change just by changing fonts. And re-creating these fonts by hand or creating new fonts felt like a new challenge for me, as if I was discovering a whole new way of art composition. I even took a job during my last two years at Otis as a Lab Technician for their printmaking facility, where my knowledge of digital design was enhanced through the traditional medium of letterpress.

I'm now available for Full Time, commissions, freelance work