Melissa Brumfield

Melissa Brumfield

Customer Service Professional

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I am a passionate customer service, sales and marketing professional with 4+ years of experience internationally in countries like The Bahamas (where I was born and raised), Australia and the U.K.

I have built my career in customer service throughout a variety of roles in different industries such as retail management, corporate sales and non-profit project coordination. In all of these positions my success has been based on the heart that I have for people and my determination to uncover customer needs.This desire to fully understand what a client wants and develop strategies to meet those needs or manage client concerns while creating a healthy and profitable return for the company I am working for is always my highest priority. My commitment to putting customers first and providing value beyond simply selling products has resulted in me exceeding company goals and achieving high levels of success. In addition to being performance-driven and having a huge heart for people, I am a motivated self-starter who adapts to changing situations. I love to seize any opportunity to learn and better myself for the sake of the company and my personal growth. I thrive under pressure and am never afraid to go above and beyond what my job calls. I will bring this same ambition to future positions as I continue to build my career!