Danielle Newton


Danielle has been a bicycle enthusiast for 23 years and it doesn't look like she'll quit any time soon. She spent the first 2 years out of college teaching high school science. Then she spent 12 years hanging around various swimming pools in North Carolina and California. She has led numerous swim teams, coaching both the young age-groupers and older masters swimmers. She truly enjoys seeing the improvement of each swimmer as they progress in skill and speed. On the management side of the pool, she developed a handful of aquatic programs at private swim and multi-sport facilities. She has trained new hires and gets them up to speed quickly with her caring and teaching "Mom-like" personality. In 2016, Danielle switched gears and began working sales in the bicycle industry. She loved working at Haro Bikes where she could talk to bike people all day long! She recently transitioned to a new company and works in account management and new business development. She commutes to work via bicycle and teaches Smart Cycling classes offered through the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition. She also helps lead elementary school aged bicycle rodeos and local family/all-age bicycle rides and events.