Paul Jason Lonian

Paul Jason Lonian

Graphic Designer

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Since I was a little kid drawing came to me naturally. I chose to pursue a career doing graphic design because I love being creative and felt that I could have the most creative freedom possible. I am very passionate about design and once crashed my computer because the file size of one of my graphics got way to big. I guess I got a little to carried away...

My dream has always been to create graphics and do branding. ( I actually hope to be one of the best designers in the world one day, but Ill settle for the bay area.) In order to make sure that my dreams stay alive, I chose to work freelance to make sure that I could get paid to do what I love. although it wasn't much. It was worth it, because I was able to consistently prove to myself that not only could I work independently and meet deadlines in the real world but I was also pretty good at illustration, branding and logo design.

Over the years I was able to see a gradual development of my skills and confidence level, but what really made me understand my potential was when I learned how much money I helped a past employer earn from designing and branding a new eBay store named DIYinks. DIYinks has a sister eBay store named Supertobuy..
My job was to utilize all of my sales, marketing and design knowledge and use it to design a new store that would compete with Supertobuy. It turned out that on average DIYinks consistently sold 5 to 10k in revenue more than Supertobuy every month.

To push myself further, I decided to brand myself as a company rather than an individual because I offer most of the same design services that design firms offer and have the resources to get the job done.

After years of brainstorming I came up with the name FreshGrime. I got rid of my old domain name and branded the identity for FreshGrime, after that I registered Freshgrime as a small business and designed a new website The current website is the 2nd revision and just launched this year.

The world we live in is very competitive, so I figured why not keep creating graphics as FreshGrime and decided to get into screen printing for the fun of it. I believe that I accelerate at logo design, illustration, branding and marketing strategy.

I hope to find long term employment with a company that sees the value that I can bring to the table where I have the opportunity to flourish and push my skills to there fullest potential.