Michael L. Quintos


ART & DESIGN has always been the fuel that gets me going everyday. Whether it's in my obsession with pop culture, eye-catching imagery in media, or my not-so-secret love of the performing arts, this specialty has set out this path for me that I so willingly followed. This led me to an upbringing of doodling logos and painting surfaces -- and developing a painstaking eye for successive images, whether still or moving. I soon discovered that my delight of commercial media had the perfect name: GRAPHIC DESIGN. And, wow, I happily realized I excelled in it.

With two decades' worth of experience in art direction, design, and in-the-trenches production, I bring with me an intuitive sense of design, pixel-perfect builds, and an astute understanding of effective marketing, advertising, and branding -- which has allowed me to easily conceptualize projects that have either a clean, sophisticated look or an innovative modern look with a discernible edge. Having had clients on both sides of the creative fence (clean + corporate vs. fun + whimsical), I feel confident in what I can fulfill for a variety of clients' needs -- big or small.