Katja Mihalova

Katja Mihalova

Fashion Brander (studying)

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Hi, my name is Katja and I am a dutch student from Amsterdam, searching for an internship in Southern California.

I love to build things, make things happen; whether it’s a store, a brand, a piece of clothing, or a picture. That is what makes me happy, that is what I am passionate about. I love tangible materials, constructions and form. I love the creative freedom I have when transforming ideas into substantial, exciting products.

There has always has been an urge to find or develop my own style that could define me as an individual in my personal and professional life. It has been an enjoyable journey constantly refreshing myself. During my studies I realized this search for individuality is a strength I should use to my advantage. In my opinion every brander should be free; he shouldn’t stick too long to trends and styles. He should be a chameleon; anticipative and surprising.

I hope I will get the chance to surprise you!