Greg Reitman

Greg Reitman

Editor, Marketer, Content Creator

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18 years of rock solid experience has led me on an amazing journey from NYC to LA.
I bring an eclectic skill set in digital marketing & brand strategy, copywriting, story producing
& post production. My career began during the internet boom in 1998. I was consumed in startup
culture, new technologies + remarkable innovations. I ran PR campaigns, wrote copy for
digital ads + learned the incredible power of storytelling through words and visuals.

By 2001, I was fully immersed in digital marketing + building audiences online. I managed
multimillion dollar media buys, large scale search engine marketing campaigns + social media
strategy for startups + the Fortune 500.

YouTube launched in 2006 & I was fascinated. I saw the potential & power online video could
have on building an audience and I wanted to be part of it. I produced & edited massive online
video content both personally and professionally and was hooked. I spent the next decade
honing my writing, producing & post production skills. I took classes at the School of Visual Arts
& studied documentary storytelling at The Edit Center in 2008.

I’ve been working with video ever since.

By 2010, my video portfolio included editorial work on 3 feature docs, multiple fashion films &
I produced numerous reality show concept sizzles. I moved to LA in 2013 with a passion &
focus for short form video content. I’ve produced and edited a series of sizzle reels & pilots for
TV show concepts. I’ve collaborated on video projects with leading brands and agencies for
YouTube, Twitter, Instagram & Vine. My editorial work has been featured on CBS, CNN,
Huffington Post & LA Times.

Head over to to see my full portfolio of videos & learn more about me
and my passion projects. I can be reached at (917) 690-5570 &