Jonathon Cardenas

Jonathon Cardenas

Currently: Technician at Tennessee Tech Unversity
Location: Cookeville TN
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I am seeking a position in the sporting goods industry such as Design Engineer or Product Developer that affords me the opportunity to take on an entrepreneurial role. Nothing would be more fulfilling to me than the ability to take what I have learned and apply it to the sporting industry.

As an integral part of a Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (FSAE) team at Tennessee Technological University, I have learned to fabricate and design engines. By exploring the rationale behind the design, I have gained the skills to build parts to listed specifications, as well as order them. While joining the FSAE complimented both my mechanical engineering coursework and passion for competition, the experience led me to seek additional opportunities for skill development.

Utilizing the knowledge gained from my work on FSAE team, I have undertaken special projects of my own, designing and writing a provisional application for a snowboard binding patent. Through this process, I employed SolidWorks, 3D printing, and metal fabrication to develop and prototype a binding system for a snowboard that will allow the user to release from the snowboard while in the air and/or on the ground to perform a wider array of aerial acrobatics. At first I took it upon myself to test the binding and make improvements to the apparatus; however, I soon discovered that I would design a better product if I sought out the expertise of others.

Ultimately, I entered my snowboard binding design into my university’s Shark Tank format competition, competing against 30 other teams. I credit a number of supporters for their input that assisted me into the final round of the competition. These individuals instructed me in the importance of a minimum (valuable) viable product, as well as the creation of a business model that included value propositions, customer segments, key partners, and cost structures

For those who are seeking an individual with a want to learn, I am your man. As a mechanical engineer with an interest in business, I have developed strategic problem solving, data analysis and cost modeling skills. It is understandable that you would want someone who is attracted to the sport you are selling to. After years of college and traveling back to California (home) in my freetime all I want to do is play anything, do anything or try something. If one of the requirements for the position in Adobe Illustrator, I taken it upon myself to learn it by graduation, bit by bit.
If another requirement for the position is French, I too have taken it upon myself to learn it, word by word.
If your only requirement is to be creative and open to new ideas, then I am just right.

Thank you

Jon Cardenas

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