Travis Fry

Travis Fry


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Hello, I’m Travis Fry, I am a Junior at San Francisco State University pursuing a degree in Business Administration. My concentration is Marketing.

Based on my interest in Business, I am a member of the San Francisco State University College of Business Fellows Program. The program is intended to further develop students’ business skills both educationally and professionally. This past semester (Fall 2015) I was honored on the dean’s list.

I have years of experience in the customer service industry, but soon plan on working in the marketing field. I am currently a part time employee at Rip Curl, but previously worked as a hotel clerk.

Post graduation, my ideal position would be a Marketing Executive for a surf company. To prepare myself for that goal, this summer I plan on interning for corporate marketing position.

I am organized, hardworking, and a fast learner. I am also a fluent Spanish speaker. I am highly motivated, and could be valuable to any company looking for a dedicated employee.