Russell Wood

Russell Wood

Marketing & Operations Professional

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Hello, my name is Russell Wood, I have 6 years of Ecommerce management, Digital Marketing, Production and Client & Customer Service. I feel that with all my additional experience and skills listed below makes me the ideal candidate.
I have over 10 professional years of multi-channel marketing in the consumer goods, apparel, eCommerce, lifestyle and services. My 15+ years in customer service gives me the proper skills and ability to engage with clients and customers the right way.
6 years of management experience in Digital Marketing & Social Media, Warehouse/Fulfillment/Distribution, Customer Service. Production and Manufacturing makes me an ASSET to any company/team. I am a problem solver; Be part of the solution, not the problem. I work hard and pride myself on my work ethic and drive. You want someone that has experience and the ability to thrive while taking your company to the next level, I am that person.
I am tired of see the wrong people in positions and titles that they have zero idea or drive to perform. I am the exact opposite of that type of person. I am an Asset and valuable to all the companies before me and will continue to be far into the future. Let me be that for you and your company.

Sincerely, Russell Wood