Emma Jack

Emma Jack


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The world is quickly moving towards a completely digitized era. As a junior Marketing major, also minoring in Management Information Systems, I strive to find innovative developments in technology. I am passionate about e-commerce, and would like to grow professionally in a company who sees a future in technology. I am looking for a summer internship where I can further my knowledge in Social Media and Marketing. My familiarity with popular applications and experience with databases and computer programming give me a competitive advantage. I know what applications people are using, and I stay aware of the constant updates.

I have experience integrating a company’s digital media, and expanding their popularity through social media. I am extremely organized, and work very well in teams. I also have knowledge in video and photo editing, and I look forward to working on various projects. Strong communication skills allow me to manage multiple projects, and provide quality work in stressful environments. I have the ability to analyze data through Marketing and IT.

Having the knowledge of popular demand would allow me to bring awareness to your company, and bring exposure to different markets. This internship will provide me with real-world experience in Marketing and Digital media, and allow me to start my career in the industry.