Michel Schnaas, MBA

Michel Schnaas, MBA

Global Business Development & Strategy

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Michel is a visionary sales and marketing expert with a proven track record in global business development for industry-leading sports, action sports, and lifestyle brands. Michel’s cultural diversity provides him with a deep understanding and calculated approach to diverse and multicultural business environments. He was born in Mexico City and educated in the US.

A strategic thinker, with an inherent intuition for identifying opportunities in any given market, Michel has led teams in the launching of brands in multiple markets. Michel has a deep understanding of how social, political, and economic environments affect business decisions, and he has developed a dynamic mindset when it comes to establishing business strategy through the application of his extensive experience in the areas of operations, finance, sourcing, and planning.

Expertise and Skill-set: Strategic Business Development | Sales and Marketing for Business and Brand Development | Commercial Calendar and Go To Market integration | Annual Operating Plan, Budget, and P&L | Foreign Markets and Global Trade | Contract Negotiation | Pricing and Business Models | Team Leadership & Development | Retail Merchandising | Retail Math | Product Merchandising and Segmentation | Channel Segmentation | Cross-functional Integration | Operations | Sourcing and Manufacturing | Logistics.

As someone who embraces challenges as a source for growth, Michel is also a marathon finisher, an avid surfer, snowboarder, sailor, MTB rider, and triathlete; and holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate.