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Tim Weir


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My name is Tim Weir. I am most recently a Store Manager at Zumiez, Inc. I've worked in retail for 5 years, and I absolutely love selling. I have worked in every position leading up to a management role, from seasonal sales associate, to assistant manager and on to managing my third and largest store. I found my niche at Zumiez, excelling in sales, first and foremost. I have been named Manager of the Period three times in my career. This award is given to the manager that earns and exceeds the required results across the board on a monthly basis. I have proven results in sales throughout my career with the company. I was on track to be one of the TOP 40 sales people in the company in 2011, when I decided to further my career and take on the challenge of managing my own store and earning the sales results on a larger scale.

Along with sales, I have been a teacher, and leader to multiple Zumiez employees in the Oregon area. I have trained multiple managers and promoted them to roles that furthered their careers in the company. I strive to empower the people I come in contact with. I drive thought processes that lead to great decisions; not only in their careers but, in their personal lives as well. I lead by example and am sure to support my actions with clear reasoning as to why those actions are taken. I am able to set an expectation and hold myself and team accountable with fair and transparent coaching.

The fashion industry has been a great fit for me because of the passion I have for things such as footwear and trending styles. I have excelled because it is a field I can truly stand behind, and believe in. There is more than meets the eye when dealing with fashion; especially in environments that change so quickly as the one I am most familiar with. Nonetheless, such rapid movement has made me fall in love with the idea of fashion, and more specifically- selling it.

I am looking to move forward with my professional career in the industry and would like an opportunity to take the skills and experience I’ve gained with me. In my career with Zumiez, I found that I have a great ability to connect with people on a deeper level, and establish great relationships. I have a different point of view, which makes me a creative and quick individual. I find that the drive to be the best, and the use of the correct tools to get there is crucial. I firmly believe in a hard work ethic and the mindset to do whatever it takes to get any desired result.

I look forward to bringing my skills and charisma to an environment in which I can thrive in a customer based industry. I am excited to build great, long-lasting relationships that bring a first class culture to the environment I work in. Please find my attached resume for your review, and I look forward to meeting you. Feel free to contact me by phone, or via e-mail with any further questions.