Derol Frye


Design professional for 15+ years with a deep understanding of both brand marketing and interface design. Knowledgable in connecting with people in a design-driven culture, effectively developing user experiences, and execute high-impact solutions for new generations of consumers.

UI/UX Design
Product design and user interface design for web and mobile. Wire framing and speccing user flows, Using design systems like Bootstrap and Material, rapid prototyping in HTML, CSS, and jQuery, as well as with tools like Sketch and UXPin. Work with front end development to implement interface. Design, create, manage and maintain client web sites and production. Clients include Oracle, Harley Davidson, Lehman Millet, Surftech, Visa, BMW, Brocade, and Terayon.

Marketing & Graphic Design
Art Director and designer collaborating with a variety of companies, in-house marketing and brand teams by finding web marketing solutions by creating web design, advertising, print design, multi-media pieces, photog- raphy, events/tradeshow collateral, and brand identity design solutions. Managed Surftech's corporate website,, and it’s child sites for “Surf”, “SUP”, and all events and affiliates, as well as social sites. Implement- ing SEO, cross linking from social media websites, and traditional marketing avenues.

Front End Development
Full stack web development, Wordpress development, CMS themeing by hand coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP. Build working prototypes using Bootstrap or AngularJS. Design, create, manage and maintain client web sites and production to completion. Adept at using design systems like Bootstrap or Material/Angular.