Matthew Noble


I believe that it is the employees that form the foundation and heart of whichever company they work for. In order to achieve great things, employees should be passionate, dedicated, positive, and courageous. My ethos is to succeed though strategic planning, organisation, communication, and teamwork. These are the beliefs and work ethics that I pride myself on and have led to my current success.
I am a positive, hardworking, and imaginative individual whose career focus has always centred on developing teamwork, creativity, and a love of learning. I’m observant of others in how they interact and approach situations which helps me respectfully connect with individuals creating great working relations to encourage a strong team effort. Some of my strongest skills are to listen, learn, adapt and move. I believe that this has allowed me to excel within my marketing roles. Cycling is my greatest passion and all of the unique facets of the sport and industry fascinate me. I even have a regional champ title for CX and DH in the UK. Bikes and cycling occupy every living thought that I have, be it deciding what route I’ll ride in the evening, how many new bike upgrades I want or how I can incorporate my love of bikes to into my work. I don’t class myself as specific type of cyclist, I am a cyclist with a love of the freedom and simplicity that two wheels bring. To be able to share my passion to the masses makes the wonderful world of marketing the perfect fit for me.