Drew Dougherty

Drew Dougherty

Creative Branding & Marketing Content Maker & Team Millennial Cheerleader

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PORTFOLIO: www.brandingbycontext.com

*** I would consider full time with a great team and great fit ***

I help companies connect with their customers on an emotional level and sell more effectively through strategic brand-personified content. Good strategy drives great creative. I have managed an in-house advertising department for an international lifestyle-action-sports brand and I have worked within numerous traditional ad agencies and design firms as a senior art director/designer throughout my career. I think with passion and sell with emotion. I have acquired many clients since founding my company in 2005, all of whom represent my lifestyle, passion for action-sports, love of art and music and inspire my need to be creative and live young at heart.

I have been a guest speaker at the University of Texas, Savanna College of Art and Design, Laguna College of Art and Design and on NPR’s MarketPlace. I love being a mentor and I have tailored a respectable and solid creative career doing what I love most.

My other superpowers? I can make beer, shape a surfboard and bowl a 200 (off league).

Contact me at 949-677-7324 or bxccreative@gmail.com