Halley Gager

Halley Gager

Allocation Analyst at Stein Mart

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When I was 23 I moved to NYC without a job or a place to live. No this isn't the beginning of some "I've started from the bottom now I've made it to the top" story, but I've definitely trying to make that climb to the top!

I moved to New York because it was my dream to work in the fashion industry since I was a little girl. I worked extremely hard in high school so I could get accepted into FSU and be a part of their Fashion Merchandising program. I continued working hard and diligently, graduating within 4 years and even studying abroad in Milan, Paris and London for the merchandising program. I thought after all of this I would be able to pick up a job like that, no problem. Low & behold that was not the case after I moved to NYC. I was sleeping on my friends couch and constantly applying for jobs without a call back, working with recruiters & them telling me I have no experience so they can't help me. I even went in person to corporate offices to drop off my resume...no luck with that tactic either. After 3 long months I finally got the call to come in for a receptionist interview. I met with my soon to be boss and after a 20 minutes conversation she decided she wanted them to hire me on as her sales assistant and to find someone else to take the receptionist job. Finally I was in!

The moral to this story is that I never quit. I am extremely dedicated to my passion, which is the fashion industry. I know how to receive criticism and take it as a way to improve myself. I always stay upbeat and positive even facing adversity.

After now working in the fashion industry for almost 7 years I have become extremely well versed in sales, allocation & planning, product development, logistics, analysis and creating & maintaining relationships with others. If you would like to know more about my skills or what it's like to live on your friends couch for months give me a shout out :)